Sunflex photovoltaic systems

Provides the most efficient and sustainable energy production

Sunflex - photovoltaic systems

are the best providers of sustainable energy. Its hollow core reduces overall mass and provides cooling airflow, further enhancing the system's efficiency.

Designed for lifetime services with resistance to all climates

How are our floating PV systems constructed?

  1. The main float supports the solar panel
  2. Support floats act as an interface and connection between the main floats.
  3. Connections
  4. PV feet keep the system afloat and are offered in custom angle and mounting formats.
  5. Modular solar photovoltaic system
  6. The main float gives extra strength and ensures that surfaces remain walkable even when wet.
  7. Standard framed photovoltaic module with 60 or 72 cells
Self-Floating, blow molded & UV- resistant!
Weatherproof und UV-resistant

10% higher energy production and better cooling than floating solar systems

Water saving

Less evaporation & better control over algae growth and water temperature

Save nature!

Sunflex systems are used on dams, fishponds, coastal waters and lakes, saving valuable space on land