Aluminum Pontoons

Stay afloat with our modular docks

Pier and port facilities made of aluminium

In 2010 our product range was expanded with aluminum bars. Whether in the private sector, marinas or public facilities - our many years of experience and continuous development guarantee you the optimal solution for the expansion of your port.

Aluminum bridges in variable width and freeboard height, with infinitely adjustable outriggers. Largely maintenance-free, versatile and modern design. Your customized dock system is available in the following versions:


Boat dimensions Length Width Freeboard
Pontoon Finger 4 - 12m 0.75 - 0.95 - 1,30m 0,55 - 0.80 +/- 5cm
Pontoon Finger (ECO) 3 - 6m 0,25m  0,55  +/- 3cm
Pontoon Standard 6 - 12m 1.5 - 3m 0,55 - 0.80 +/- 5cm
Pontoon Mega-Yacht on request 2.5 - 4.5m 0,55 - 0.80 +/- 5cm

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High quality
pontoons and piers
made of aluminum 6006 T6


other versions and dimensions available on request
Pontoon Standard Dimensions
Length 6,00 - 12,00 m
Width ab 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25, 2.50, oder 3.00 m, other dimensions available on request
Load capacity 150 kg/m2 up to 350 kg/m2 possible
Cover Komposite or wooden
Freeboard 550 mm +/-3 cm, other versions and dimensions available on request
Fender PE, UV-resistant

other versions and dimensions available on request
Pontoon Megayacht
versions and dimensions available on request

other versions and dimensions available on request
Pontoon Finger (Standard)
Length: 5,00m - 11,00m
Width: 0,75m
Load capacity 100kg/m²
Freeboard: 550mm +/-3m
4 - 6 cleats
Komposite or wooden

other versions and dimensions available on request
Pontoon Finger (ECO)
Box dividers, small boats
cheap solution for small baots
saves space
special floating body
Aluminum T5, like the pontoon
100kg buoyancy
Width: 0,25m
Length: 3 - 6m 
Height (unloaded: 0,72m
2 cleats on the trapeze + eyelet for attachment

Floating Pontoons: Aluminum

Our floating docks are perfectly adapted to all activities on the water. Due to the wide variety of possible accessories, our bridges can be easily adapted to your project. Whether used as a bathing pool, floating work surface or dockside attachment, aluminum pontoons made from 6006 T6 aluminum provide the perfect foundation for any activity on the water. Set-up and storage are child's play thanks to the modular structure of the floating docks.


Our polyethylene floats are resistant to severe sea conditions due to their durability. They provide buoyancy and freeboard at the desired level. Thanks to our special mold production, FCM can manufacture floats according to the individual needs of the customer.

  • Length: 1500mm
  • Width: 550cm

You can find out more about our accessories in our brochure.